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Go2 Pumpers sewer pipe jetting services gets your pipes open and clear again — no more backups or slow drains.

Think about all the material that can clog your sewer line. Grease, hair, solids … even tree roots! When it all accumulates, you could be faced with a sewer backup. The stench alone is unbearable, and the cost of cleanup isn’t too pleasant either. Jetting your sewer pipe is the answer — call Go2 Pumpers today!

Pipe Jetting Delivers a Cleaner Clean

There’s no better way to clear debris out of your sewer line than through high-powered pipe jetting. If you were to hire someone to take a more traditional approach, you’d pay significantly more in labor costs and you wouldn’t get the same high-quality results.

Pipe jetting is also one of the more sanitary methods of cleaning, because it poses a much lower chance of sewage debris leaking into your home.

Our All-in-One Service Approach

We have a truck-mounted pipe-jetting machine that allows us to incorporate this service easily into our regular visit.

Usually homeowners call us to take care of their sewer tank, but when we arrive, we may notice the line needs clearing as well. We then use pipe jetting to ensure every component in the system is functioning at maximum efficiency.

How Pipe Jetting Works

Pipe jetting works by putting low water volume under high pressure, typically 3,000 to 5,000 PSI. Where cabling and snaking methods just poke holes in sewer blockages, pipe jetting literally blasts the blockage away. It removes every trace of debris from the pipe’s walls.

Once we’re done, the pipe is open and clean, and all sewage can once again flow freely in the right direction.

A Clean Sewer Line Benefits the Whole Home

A clogged sewer line will slow down your toilets. It might cause a bad odor in your bathrooms that could spread to the rest of your home. It also puts your home at risk of a sewer backup, and this could cause you to have to vacate the premises until the mess is cleaned up and the area is sanitized.

Don’t risk it — take preventive action to have your sewer line cleaned and you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected from a backup.

Trust Go2 Pumpers for Utah Sewer Pipe Jetting

Can we fix your slow drains or clogged pipes? You bet. We’ve been doing it for many years for businesses and homeowners throughout Utah — people just like you.

Are you ready to learn more about pipe jetting? Contact us today to set up your appointment, or couple sewer pipe jetting services with your sewer tank cleanout. We’re happy to do everything in our power to ensure the smooth operation of your home’s plumbing system. We’re Go2 Pumpers and we’re here for you.

Hydro-jetter coming out of a pipe.