Locating Your Septic System

Locate Your Septic System

Locating Your Septic Tank

Most septic lids are buried and need to be excavated or uncovered prior to pumping. Usually they are less then three feet deep, however if you have a basement in your home they can be much deeper. There are companies out there that can locate your septic lid for you and even excavate it, but they do charge. The cost can vary depending on what exactly you need from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. Luckily there is a free resource that can help you locate your own septic tank and septic lid. Your local county health department should have record of where your septic system is and can provide that information to you with quick phone call.

Health Department Links

Salt Lake County https://slco.org/health/  801-468-4100

Utah County http://www.utahcountyonline.org/Dept2/Health/index.asp  801-851-7525

Weber-Morgan County http://www.webermorganhealth.org/  801-399-7160

Summit County https://summitcountyhealth.org/  435-333-1511

Wasatch County http://www.wasatchcountyhd.org/ 435-654-2700

Davis County http://www.daviscountyutah.gov/health/health-department  801-525-5100

Tooele County http://tooelehealth.org/  435-277-2300

You can also verify with the county health departments that whatever pumper you decide to higher is licensed in that county. That way you know you are dealing with a professional.